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Microwave Connection is the resource for those who love microwave cooking, especially microwave-convection cooking.

The Microwave-Convection Cooking Videos on the Home Page are condensed in length and quality from the full 65-minute DVD that is available for purchase.

SHARP Oven Downloads

SHARP R-820 Grill-2 Oven by Janet Sadlack 

Click on the model number below to open step-by-step guide for your Sharp oven:

R-1870 - R-1875



Whirlpool Oven Downloads

Step-by-Step Instructions

76719 Reference Guide

Step-by-Step 76719

High Pointe Ovens - for more detailed instructions for Convection-Grill oven, download instruction manual from www.cuisinart.com Microwave-Convection Oven.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Seminar Recipe Downloads...click on heading to download recipes from past rallies.

2017 Chandler Rally Recipes

2015 Phoenix Rally Recipes

Indianapolis FMCA Recipes

Seminar News

Plans are to be at the national FMCA Rally in Perry, Georgia March 13 to 16. I will have a beginner seminar on March 14 and a cooking on the go with the Microwave-Convection oven on March 15. There will be a booth in the Vendor area for purchasing cook books and supplies. Hope to see some of you there. 

If you want more details, drop me a quick note on the Contact page.


The Newsletter has been coming by email every month or two. Be sure to sign up with the "Subscribe" button. Each issue features the current Recipe of the Month along with a photo. There is also news from seminars and things I have been trying in my kitchen.  

Oven News

In classes I am frequently using only one oven (with more Power Point photos) so do not have ovens as readily available for sale after the class. If there is a Sharp oven that you would like, I can try to make sure to have one available, but need to know ahead of time. Just email me by using the "Contact" button and we can make the necessary arrangements. 

Merchandise News

A new silicone loaf pan is available. Look for it on the "Buy Supplies" pages. I have also added a Texas-sized muffin pan with 6 of the larger cups. It is the silicone material similar to what I used to have so can be trimmed as necessary to rotate freely in the ovens with turntables. 

Some of the merchandise is being discontinued as I use up the supply and where reordering is not easy to do in smaller quantities. Life is in transition and I am slowly downsizing both in inventory and in the number of classes I give.   

There is a new silicone microwave corn popper available. It pops corn with or without oil in about 3 minutes. The silicone bowl and vented cover can be used for other microwave and convection cooking.  

Some of your use and care manuals can be ordered from the manufacturer's web site. Often they can be downloaded onto your computer so you can print out what you want or refer to it on the computer. Another good source for owner's manuals is: www.manualslib.com.  Enter your brand and model and you should be able to find the manual needed. If you have trouble locating directions for your oven, just e-mail me information and I will share what I know about your oven.