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Holidays are approaching and there are some great ideas here for entertaining as well as making a quick meal on a busy day. Some of these favorites are microwave and some use a combination of microwave and convection, depending upon what method gives the best results. Remember to check out page 2...just click on the title of interest and the recipe will appear for easy printing. 

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Warm up on a cold day with a bowl of this flavorful soup. Perfect with a sandwich or toast.

Microwave toasted gingered coconut adds the special touch to this sweet potato dish.

A colorful, nutritious combination for pasta cooked in the new microwave pasta cooker (see Buy Supplies).

Turn extra spinach from salads into a flavorful rice dish. Great served with chicken or ham.


Perfect for a brunch or special breakfast. Assemble ahead for easy cooking before serving.

Use any leftover cranberries that may be in the freezer for this pretty dessert. Raspberries can be substitute


The extra liquid in this recipe will make end-of-season apples taste fresh and juicy. A great recipe for Combination baking.


From my Kitchen..

—I recently prepared a double recipe of the Crustless Quiche recipe in the 9inch square pan. Even with the turntable turned off, it cooked nicely on the Low-Mix combination, rotating the dish once. The Egg Bake, cut nicely with the narrow silicone spatula and removed from the dish easily with the wide spatula. A 13x9-inch pan of caramel rolls were prepared in the deep 10.5-inch silicone pan and it baked perfectly on the convection setting. Most things that cook in a 13x9-inch pan can be cooked in the deep round silicone pan and then it turns freely in the ovens with turntables.

—At a recent class, several participants were getting together one evening for dinner and they were each making something from one of the microwave-convection cook books that they had just purchased. I was not there long enough to hear about their results, but thought what a good way to learn together and share cooking experiences.Soups and casseroles are great for winter dining. Make extras and freeze in meal-sized quantities for enjoying at another meal. 


For more great recipes, get the popular books Easy Microwave Convection Cooking and On-the-Go Microwave-Convection Cooking!

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